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This introductory course is designed to provide novice users of Global Mapper with the information and expertise necessary to use the software to its fullest potential. Covering all aspects of the application – from importing data to printing a map – this easy-to-follow self-training course provides a series of visual guides along with accompanying data files allowing hands-on participation throughout the course.

Course Requirements

Course participants must have access to a fully licensed version of Global Mapper. Trial or evaluation licenses do not provide the full range of functionality necessary to follow the course content. For more information on licensing options, visit or email

A collection of sample data files that will be used throughout the course can be downloaded from here. After the download is complete, unzip the archive and copy the Intro_to_Global_Mapper folder to a convenient location on your computer. Included in the download is a folder called My Maps, which will be used to store any exported or saved files.

It is recommended that you attach a second monitor to your computer, with one display showing the course content in your browser and the other allowing you to follow along in Global Mapper.

Course Structure

Covering many aspects of the application, the easy-to-follow self-training format includes a series of visual guides along with accompanying data files allowing hands-on participation throughout the course. At the end of each lesson, a short quiz will be offered to gauge knowledge and proficiency in preparation for the instructor-led class.

As you progress through each section of the course, written instructions and video demonstrations will provide a clear and concise overview of the relevant tools in the software. At any point in the lesson, you can pause the playback or review a previous section. The course outline follows a logical progression from an introduction to the interface to exporting files.

Look out for the following symbols interspersed throughout the course:
Indicates that data needs to be downloaded to be used in the course workflows.
Denotes a helpful hint or supplemental information about the current topic or theme.
Precedes an informational video in which the instructor demonstrates a tool or workflow.
Indicates a series of step-by-step instructions guiding you through a workflow.
Denotes a bulleted list summarizing the key takeaways.
Introduces a quiz at the end of each lesson.
After you complete each section, click the button to proceed to the next topic.

Additional Resources

As a supplement to this introductory course, the Global Mapper Getting Started Guide provides an overview of the capabilities of the software in PDF format, while detailed information on the specific features and functions is available in the Global Mapper User Guide.

If you have any questions about this course or other training options, email If you have technical questions that are beyond the scope of the course, email

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