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Welcome to the Introduction to Global Mapper Mobile self-guided training course.

Available for iOS and Android devices, Global Mapper Mobile works in conjunction with the Global Mapper desktop software to provide maps-in-hand functionality for reference and field data collection. The Global Mapper Mobile app includes vector, raster, and terrain data viewing; GPS location display and data creation; attribute editing for new and existing features; photo capture and embedding; and many other features.

This course will utilize the free version of Global Mapper Mobile to familiarize users with navigating the app, loading data, creating and editing vector features, and sharing maps. The final lesson in this course will discuss and show some of the advanced features available with a paid subscription license to Global Mapper Mobile Pro. The course should be completed sequentially, as later lessons build on topics and data created in earlier lessons.

Course Requirements

A licensed copy of the desktop edition of Global Mapper as well as the Global Mapper Mobile app on an Android or iOS device are required to complete this course. If necessary, download Global Mapper desktop here and request a trial license through License Manager. Global Mapper Mobile can be downloaded on Android devices from the Google Play Store and on iOS devices from the Apple AppStore.  Since Global Mapper Mobile is available on Android and iOS devices, screenshots and content will be shown for both device operating systems when needed.

Throughout the course, data will be downloaded from online sources, allowing you to customize the data for your location and the GPS location display and GPS-based data creation options. Internet access is required for downloading online data.

Course Structure

As you progress through this self-training course, written instructions will provide an overview of the relevant tools in the software. At any point in the course, you can review a previous section.

Look out for the following symbols interspersed throughout the course:
Indicates that data needs to be downloaded to be used in the course workflows.
Denotes a helpful hint or supplemental information about the current topic or theme.
Indicates a series of step-by-step instructions guiding you through a workflow.
Denotes a bulleted list summarizing the key takeaways.
After you complete each section, click the button to proceed to the next topic.

Additional Resources

If you have any questions about this course or other training options, email Detailed information on the tools and settings can be found on the Global Mapper Mobile Knowledge Base webpages for Android or iOS. If you have technical questions that are beyond the scope of the course, email