What’s New in Global Mapper v25.0

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Global Mapper v25.0 is now available for download from bluemarblegeo.com. With many updates and new features, this course will introduce the most significant updates available now in Global Mapper v25.0. 

To see the latest updates in Global Mapper, you must have version 25.0 downloaded, installed, and licensed. If you have any questions about licensing the new version of Global Mapper, please contact the Blue Marble licensing team at authorize@bluemarblegeo.com

Data to complete any written workflows in this course can be downloaded from here

This data folder downloads as a zipped folder (GM_v25.zip). You will need to place this folder in an easy-to-access location and unzip it to access the data that will be used in workflows throughout this course. The GM_v25 folder contains all the needed data files for this course. The GM_v25/My Maps folder begins as an empty folder for you to save any workspaces to as you complete workflows in this course.

Look out for the following symbols interspersed throughout the course:
 Indicates that data needs to be downloaded to be used in the course workflows.
 Denotes a helpful hint or supplemental information about the current topic or theme.
 Precedes an informational video in which the instructor demonstrates a tool or workflow.
 Indicates a series of step-by-step instructions guiding you through a workflow.
 Denotes a bulleted list summarizing the key takeaways.
 Introduces a quiz at the end of each lesson.
After you complete each section, click the  button to proceed to the next topic.

Additional Resources

As a supplement to this introductory course, the Global Mapper Getting Started Guide provides an overview of the capabilities of the software in PDF format, while detailed information on the specific features and functions is available in the Global Mapper User Guide.

If you have any questions about this course or other training options, email training@bluemarblegeo.com. If you have technical questions that are beyond the scope of the course, email geohelp@bluemarblegeo.com.