Changing Map Display Settings

Global Mapper’s Configuration dialog box offers numerous options for customizing the map display, including adding a scale bar, changing the background color, and overlaying a graticule or grid lines. This important component of software can be accessed from the introductory screen, from the File toolbar, or from the Tools menu. In this section, you will spend some time exploring the map display settings.

Make sure you have completed the Importing Data lessons before beginning this section

Configuring the Map Display

This video introduces some of the important components of the Configuration dialog box. Please follow along as the instructor changes some of the map display settings.

It is important to note that the settings established in the Configuration dialog box are applied universally and are not layer-specific. Layer display settings can be accessed after selecting the appropriate layer in the Control Center.

Sharing Configuration Settings

After establishing the required configuration settings and parameters, a settings file can be created allowing the parameters to be shared with other Global Mapper users. This functionality also enables the creation of multiple Global Mapper configuration setups that pertain to working with different types of data. This allows project-specific settings to be recorded and applied automatically when relevant.

To create a settings file, follow these steps:

  1. Apply the required settings in the Configuration dialog box and click the OK button
  2. From the Help menu, choose Export User Settings…
  3. In the resulting dialog box select which settings to save. For general settings such as background color, units of measure, etc, choose General Settings
  4. Click the OK button and name the file
  5. After transferring the file to another Global Mapper user, select Import User Settings… from the Help menu and browse to the *gmx file and click the Open button
    Note that Global Mapper must be restarted for the updated settings to be applied


  • Global Mapper’s configuration settings provide an opportunity to customize the look and feel of the software and of the map display
  • As distinct from options applied to layers, configuration settings are applied universally and are retained for future Global Mapper workflows
  • Settings can be shared with other Global Mapper users to ensure consistency within your company or organization
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