1.3 Setting Preferences

Now that you are familiar with how to set up and edit a Project or Workspace in Geographic Calculator, we will set up user Preferences for Projects and Workspaces. Once set, Preferences will propagate to all Projects and Workspaces on the user’s computer.

  1. From the menu bar, select Options > Preferences. The General tab will be open automatically.
  2. When the Generate Log File box is checked, the application will generate a log file that records the operations you perform in a session. The log file is stored in the default program data or application data directory.
  3. The File Locations tab contains the settings and locations for system files. These are saved for the individual workstations and are not workspace-specific.

When using Geographic Calculator in a network group, you might prefer to use File Locations settings to specify folders on a network server.


4. Click the Transformer tab of the Preferences dialog. This section contains additional Geographic Transformer settings. It is possible to set the coordinate format and precision to be used in raster transformations, and set a default unit of measurement to be used for expressing pixel resolution.


5. In the Metadata tab, users can specify all the preset options which will apply to each file output they perform. The default template shown in the File Name field is shipped with the application, but users can click the ellipsis to load a custom template to use when writing files if they desire.

  • For each of the main Jobs that export a file as output, a metadata file can be generated along with the output data. 
  • Metadata processing can be turned on or off, and XML, TXT, or both output formats are available.
  • It is useful to set default values for certain metadata fields in order to save time on each output job. 

The Geographic Calculator User Guide can be accessed from the Help Tab > Contents.

  • Preferences include general settings, such as unit display settings, and also more specific job-related settings.
  • Preferences settings apply to all Projects and Workspaces on the user’s workstation.
  • Click here for more information on setting User Preferences in Geographic Calculator.

This concludes Lesson 1: Getting Started. To test your knowledge, click here to take a simple three-question quiz.