Using the Introductory Screen

In this section, we will introduce Global Mapper’s introductory screen, which provides convenient access to several important components of the software. The introductory screen is automatically displayed within the map view when the software is first launched and before any layers are imported or loaded. It will also appear after all layers are closed or removed from the workspace. An exception to this behavior is seen when any Digitizer tools are enabled, as this automatically transforms the display into an active map.

The introductory screen offers the following options:

  • Open data files
    This triggers the display of Global Mapper’s standard Open dialog box, providing the means to load any supported files, including Global Mapper workspace files.
  • Online sources
    This launches the Select Online Data Source dialog, which offers numerous options for streaming geospatial data into Global Mapper.
  • Configuration
    This provides access to the settings and preferences that offer the opportunity to personalize many of the features and functions of Global Mapper.
  • Load default data
    This automatically loads a sample vector layer containing countries of the world. While it may not have any practical value in your day-to-day use of Global Mapper, this sample data is useful for practicing and becoming familiar with the basic operation of the software.
  • Training
    This provides a link to the training section of Blue Marble’s website, from where you can explore the various training opportunities, including public classes, custom training, and self-training options.

Please follow along as the instructor demonstrates the capabilities of the introductory screen.


  • Global Mapper’s introductory screen provides a series of buttons that provide convenient access to some of the software’s basic tasks and settings
  • The logo displayed indicates which version of the software has been licensed: Global Mapper Standard or Global Mapper Pro
  • After loading data into the application, the introductory screen disappears however the functionality can be accessed in other ways
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